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Steam Heater / Oil Heater

Steam Heater  Oil Heater

Finned Tube - The heart of Radiator & heat exchanger

SPIRAL TENSION WOUND CONTINUOUS CRIMPED TYPE MANUFACTURED FROM MILLED STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, Our crimped Finned Tube is higher in thermal efficiency by 18% more than conventional washer type finned tube and also `L' type finned tube. Thermal contact, 96% efficiency

As and when you require Oil Heaters please send following details.

1) Heating Media - Steam or Thermic Oil
2) Material of construction - Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
3) Capacity of Fan connected to Oil Heater

      a) Volume of Air Cubic Feet per Minute
      b) Pressure of air in inch

4) Required Kcal/Hr.
5) High temperature of heating media
6) Available Space / Size of oil Heater
7) Connection of Oil Heater in size and place on Heater

Heat transfer area in convention finned tube per running meter is 7.3 Sq. ft. while in crimped finned tube area is 9.13 sq.ft. per running meter Pressure loss of air in oval type finned tube and our crimped type finned tube is almost same because of helix construction Lower carbon content tubes allows better welding, compare to ordinary pipes. Copper aluminum finned tubes is the best in performance but cost is not viable. Temperature gradient is reduced in angular direction and hence square, oval or other shape is not efficient. Only our Finned Tube is the best in heat transfer lower in pressure drop and lower in cost. Our tube surface is smooth inside, gives low pressure drop on oil side, compare to ordinary pipe.

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